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Stratford Place Utilities offers a full line up of metering infrastructure solutions to keep your business at the forefront of today's evolving energy landscape.

Our services

Our Services

Solutions for SMETS 2


We can assist you with funding provision for the meter asset

Meter Sourcing

Expert assistance meeting the stringent requirements of the SMET2 environment

Supply chain management

We work with your nominated MAM/MOP to provide effective supply chain management

Our Services

Services and support available for all meters

Asset tracking

Ensure accurate billing using the latest data management software

Fault management Triage and Disposal

Fully industry compliant procedures to manage your assets at all stages

Churn management

Support tracking churn events and setting up new contracts as required

Warranty management

Everything from registration to entitlement verification and claim processing

Monthly billing

Ensure fast and on the mark billing

Accurate industry backing data

Unlock higher quality data at all levels of the flow

About us

How can we help you?

We are a fully accredited Meter Asset Provider (MAP) and we own and operate thousands of metering assets available for rental to gas and electricity suppliers. As part of one of the largest renewable energy development groups in the country, we have a comprehensive understanding of today’s energy landscape.

We appreciate the unique challenges our clients face where infrastructure and technology can be not only costly but difficult to navigate. Through our extensive sector experience, we are able to tailor solutions for suppliers of all budgets and sizes, providing efficient access to strategically allocated energy assets and leading to significant operational cost savings.

Meet The Team

We are here to support you.

Clive C Houlston

Clive C Houlston

Meter Asset Manager

Clive is a professional electrical engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the energy industry, including 30 years’ with one of the UK’s major energy suppliers and its international partner in the USA. Clive is passionate about introducing new technologies, and working with clients to develop cost effective solutions for their individual needs allowing them to benefit from practical application.

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Pam Varnava

Accounting Specialists

Pam has over 35 years' experience working in accounts departments for a variety of companies, including Vacant Properties and Managing Public Houses. Pam current role is supporting clients producing high quality billing information for invoicing, and collection of monies from their customers. Pam enjoys collecting classic cars and attending local shows.

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Our work

Learn more about our specialised solutions for your business


Straightforward metering rental solutions

We strive to simplify management processes, our turnkey plans are based on a rental charge determined in respect of the whole meter installation, including communication hubs and readers.

Clarity over costs

Costs are levied monthly for the number of days a meter is attributed to a supplier and charged at a predetermined daily rate. Each invoice will be accompanied by detailed backing data.


Bespoke options to meet your specific needs

Whether you need complete or partial stock handling, full metering kits or specific accessories, or logistics management at any level of involvement, we have cost effective solutions to assist you.


Our comprehensive list of tailored services is available on every scale, from the dozens to the thousands. We are accredited to offer fully compliant MAP services and we strive to stay ahead of industry-required standards.


Take control of your supply Data Flows.

Errors caused by manual billing, operational inefficiencies or inadequate asset and data management can result in not only financial losses but irreparable reputation costs.


We are passionate about providing the highest quality metering and data services. Using the latest energy analytics tools including industry leading Activos software and through our relationship with XOServe we can assist you delivering and maintaining high quality data.

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